Barotrauma Security Officer Talents: A Comprehensive Guide

Barotrauma Security Officer Talents

As a barotrauma security officer talents, choosing the right talents can make a huge difference in your effectiveness and survival. This guide will walk through all of the major talent options for security officers, recommended builds, and how to optimize your role.

Overview of the Security Officer Role

The main responsibilities of a security officer are defending the crew, controlling riots and intruders, and providing support. You need a balance of offensive power, survivability, and crowd control tools. Some key stats to focus on are:

  • Melee attack power
  • Ranged weapon skills
  • Armor and damage resistance
  • Debuffs and crowd control effects
Barotrauma Security Officer Talents

Key Stats for Security Officers

Maxing out strength and physique should be a priority. This increases your health, speed, stamina, melee power, and carrying capacity. After that, mechanics skill helps with weapon accuracy and damage. Some talents also rely on levels in observation and dexterity.

Weapon Specializations: barotrauma security officer talents

Choosing whether to specialize in ballistic or energy weapons is a key decision.

Ballistic Weapons

The riot shotgun and railgun are excellent ballistic weapons for their stopping power. The shotgun excels in close quarters like hallways, while the railgun can eliminate targets through walls. Talents like Scattershot and Hollow Point Ammo improve ballistic damage.

Energy Weapons

The coilgun SMG and stun baton make a strong energy weapon combo. The SMG lays down continuous fire to wear down crowds, while the stun baton knocks out individual targets. Talents like Tesla Coils and Battery Efficiency complement energy weapons.

Defense and Protection

Survivability is crucial, so investing in damage resistance and emergency response talents is important.

Damage Resistance

Talents like Impact Absorption, Thick Skin, and Chemical Resistance directly reduce incoming damage from different sources. Prioritize defense against the most common threats.

Emergency Protocols

Skills like Emergency Shuttle Pilot and Medic can provide a second chance after getting downed. A paramedic is great for reviving yourself.

Crowd Control and Debuffing

Controlling mobs and debuffing enemies is vital for security officers. These talents allow you to lock down threats.

Riot Control

Riot Control and Tear Gas Grenades inflict area of effect slows and blinding to neutralize groups. Follow up with stunning attacks.

Stunning Strikes

Talents like Skullcracker, Breaching Strike, and Stunning Swing give your melee attacks a chance to stun targets briefly. This opens them up for takedowns.

Stealth and Subterfuge

When brute force won’t work, stealth tactics allow carefully planned strikes.

Silent Strikes

Skills like Silent Strike and Nightcrawler let you instantly kill or knock out unsuspecting targets quietly. Critical for stealthy removals.


Eavesdropping and Pickpocket give you more options for clandestine missions, gathering intel, or swiping keycards.

Support and Healing

Even tanks need backup, so take some supportive talents to assist the team.

Field Medic

Picking up talents like Field Medic and Doctor let you patch up injured crew and provide medical aid. Help keep the team alive.

Stress Relief

Anxiety is common on submarines, so Psychologist helps relieve stress buildup and prevent breakdowns. Preserve crew sanity.

Barotrauma Security Officer Talents

Based on your preferred playstyle, these talent combinations work well:

Crowd Control Specialist

Max out Riot Control, Tear Gas Grenades, and Stunning Swing for area slows and single target stuns. Chemical Resistance, Thick Skin, and Medic provide defense and sustain.

Frontline Brawler

Go all in on Skullcracker, Impact Absorption, and Breaching Strike for maximum melee damage and knockdowns. Pick up the Paramedic and Pilot for survival.

Tactical Support

Silent Strike, Eavesdropping, Field Medic, and Psychologist allow stealth eliminations while supporting the team. Battery Efficiency supplements non-lethal takedowns.

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Final Thought

Optimizing your security officer’s talents is crucial for handling the threats aboard submarines. Focus on your preferred weapons and playstyle, whether that’s ballistic firepower, covert ops, or keeping your crew alive. Use crowd control and debuffs to gain an advantage in dangerous encounters. With the right build, you can defend your submarine and explore the depths in safety.


1. What are the best talents for beginners?

For new players, focus on survivability and team support talents like Medic, Pilot, and Psychologist. Damage resistance from Thick Skin and Chemical Resistance is also helpful.

2. Is it better to specialize in ballistic or energy weapons?

This depends on your playstyle. Ballistic weapons have longer range and cover-penetrating power. Energy weapons allow non-lethal takedowns and continuous fire. Try out both and see which you prefer.

3. How important are stealth talents?

Stealth is very useful for eliminating high-profile targets undetected. But it requires patience and planning. Frontline security officers will get more value from crowd control talents.

4. Should I diversify my talents or specialize?

Specializing in specific weapons and tactics is usually more effective. But make sure to balance offense and defense. Some utility talents like Medic are great for everyone.