The Ultimate Old Fashioned Kit Guide

Old Fashioned Kit

In the arena of cocktails, there’s not anything pretty like the conventional Old Fashioned Kit Cocktails. This timeless drink is a true embodiment of class and ease, presenting a rich combination of flavors that have delighted palates for generations. To grasp the art of crafting the correct Old Fashioned, you need the right tools and substances. In this complete manual, we’ll explore the Old Fashioned kit, assisting you in freeing up the secrets and techniques to growing this iconic cocktail at home.

Old Fashioned Kit

What’s in an Old Fashioned Kit?

When you’re on a quest to make the best Old Fashioned, the right kit can make all the difference. Here’s what you’ll typically find in an Irish Old Fashioned kit:

1. High-quality bourbon or Rye Whiskey

At the heart of every Old Fashioned is the whiskey. Traditionalists opt for a rich bourbon, while others prefer the spiciness of rye. The choice is yours, but quality is key.

2. Bitters

A few dashes of aromatic bitters, often Angostura or orange bitters, add depth and complexity to the drink.

3. Sugar

The sweetness in an Old Fashioned typically comes from a sugar cube or simple syrup. The cube, when muddled with the bitters, is a classic choice.

4. An Orange Peel

Garnishing your Old Fashioned with a twist of orange peel contributes citrusy notes that balance the drink.

5. Ice Mold

Large ice cubes melt more slowly, preventing your drink from becoming diluted too quickly. An Old Fashioned kit may include an ice mold to craft these substantial cubes.

Old Fashioned Kit

6. Mixing Glass and Stirring Spoon

A mixing glass and a long-handled stirring spoon are essential for gently combining the ingredients without over-diluting the cocktail.

7. Jigger

To ensure precision in your measurements, a jigger helps you pour the right amount of whiskey, bitters, and sugar.

8. Strainer

Some kits also provide a strainer to help you elegantly pour your concoction into a glass.

Assembling Your Old Fashioned Kit

Now that you’ve got the components of Recipe, let’s discuss how to assemble your Old Fashioned kit for a delightful cocktail experience.

Crafting the Perfect Old Fashioned

  1. Choose Your Whiskey: Begin by selecting your preferred bourbon or rye whiskey. A quality choice sets the foundation for a remarkable Old Fashioned.
  2. Prepare Your Glass: Take your favorite rocks glass, add a sugar cube (or a spoonful of simple syrup), and a few dashes of bitters. Muddle the ingredients to release their flavors.
  3. Add the Ice: Place a large ice cube or sphere in the glass. The size and shape of the ice matter; keep your drink cold without rapid dilution.
  4. Pour the Whiskey: Measure and pour around 2 ounces of your chosen whiskey into the glass.
  5. Stir Slowly: Using your stirring spoon, gently mix the contents for about 20-30 seconds. Stirring should be slow to maintain the integrity of the cocktail.
  6. Garnish: Take a fresh orange peel, express the oils over the drink by pinching it over the glass, and rub it along the rim for a burst of citrus aroma.
  7. Enjoy: Sip and savor your perfectly balanced Old Fashioned.
Old Fashioned Kit

Final Words

The Old Fashioned is more than only a cocktail; it’s a timeless culture. With the proper Old Fashioned kit and a touch practice, you can master the artwork of making this iconic drink at domestic. Whether you are a whiskey enthusiast or sincerely looking for a polished cocktail, the Old Fashioned will by no means exit of favor. Cheers in your mixology journey and enjoy each sip of your flawlessly crafted Old Fashioned!


Why is muddling important in an Old Fashioned?

Muddling releases essential oils from the citrus zest and dissolves the sugar, creating a harmonious flavor throughout the cocktail.

Can I substitute the sugar cube with simple syrup?

Absolutely, using simple syrup makes the process more convenient. It dissolves easily and evenly into the drink.

What’s the origin of the Old Fashioned cocktail?

The Old Fashioned’s roots date back to the early 19th century, making it one of the oldest known cocktails. Its timeless appeal is a testament to its exquisite simplicity.

What type of glass should I use for an Old Fashioned?

A rocks glass, also known as a lowball or Old Fashioned glass, is the traditional choice. Its wide, heavy base is ideal for muddling ingredients.