How to Add Links to TVPayz Channel? Best Complete Guide

How to Add Links to TVPayz Channel

As the world of online video streaming continues to evolve, TVPayz channel has become a famous platform for content creators to showcase their work. If you’re looking to get the popular out of your TVPayz channel, knowing how to add links effectively is crucial. Fortunately, this comprehensive guide provides a peer-to-peer stroll-via of the system, whether you are a seasoned author or simply beginning out. By the time you have completed studying, you’ll have all of the equipment and information essential to optimize your channel’s overall performance and interact with your human beings more effectively.


Adding links to your TVPayz channel is a good way to increase user engagement and grow your people. TVPayz is a completely unique platform that permits content creators to reach a worldwide audience, making it a crucial device for everybody looking to expand their reach. In this guide, we are able to cover the entirety you need to know about adding hyperlinks to your channel, from the basics to extra famous techniques. By the quit of this text, you may have all the know-how and tools important to optimize your channel’s overall performance and take your content material to the subsequent degree.

Using TVPayz channel links is a good way to promote your channel and generate revenue. You can send those hyperlinks on many systems along with social media, your internet site, or maybe in your e-mail signature. When a user clicks on the hyperlink, it’ll take them directly to your channel, where they are able to browse and buy your paid content material, in addition to watching your stay TV streams. 

To start including hyperlinks on your TVPayz channel, you need to create a TVPayz account and install your channel. Once your channel is prepared, go to your TVPayz dashboard and click on the “Channel Links” tab to generate a completely unique channel hyperlink.

How to Add Links to TVPayz Channel

TVPayz channel links are clickable elements that allow viewers to navigate to external websites, social media profiles, or other videos within the platform. These links provide an opportunity to connect with your audience beyond your channel, promoting engagement and interaction.

To begin adding links to your TVPayz channel, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your TVPayz account.
  • Navigate to your channel’s dashboard.
  • Click on the “Settings” tab.
  • Select “Channel Links” from the menu.
Click on “Add External Link”In the Channel Links phase, click on this option.
Enter the URLInput the URL of the external website or social profile.
Provide a TitleCreate a clear and concise title for the hyperlink.
Customize Thumbnail (if applicable)If necessary, customize the thumbnail image for the link.
Click “Save”Save the external hyperlink for your TVPayz channel.

Linking to Other TVPayz Videos

1Click on “Add Internal Link” in the Channel Links section.
2Search for the video within TVPayz that you want to link.
3Select the video from the search results.
4Customize the title and thumbnail for the internal link.
5Click “Save” to add the internal link to your TVPayz channel.

TVPayz is a new platform that allows users to earn money by creating and sharing content. One way to earn money on TVPayz is through channel links. Channel links are unique URLs that you can share with your followers and viewers. When someone clicks on your channel link and signs up for TVPayz, you earn a commission.

Strategically placing links in your video descriptions, comments, or channel bio can increase user interaction. Ensure that your links are relevant to your content and provide value to your viewers. Read more here Techtonica Water Wheel.

Tracking Performance

TVPayz provides analytics tools to track the performance of your links. Monitor click-through rates and engagement to understand what works best for your audience.

Final Result

Adding links to your TVPayz channel is a valuable strategy to enhance user engagement and grow your online presence. By following the steps outlined in this guide and optimizing your links, you can create a more interactive and dynamic channel. Stay updated with TVPayz’s guidelines and analytics to make the most out of your content. Start adding links today and watch your channel thrive.

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